Managed Print

Digicorp is a leading managed print consultancy which was founded in 2005 in order to provide customer-focused, high-quality, service-led solutions.

Our consultants focus on "total cost of ownership" through the analysis of a company's print infrastructure to propose and implement efficient solutions, thereby driving down cost.

We have a set of skills, expertise and experience that, combined, form a powerful value proposition. It’s what defines us as a specialist provider as opposed to a conventional dealer or reseller.

Please don't just take our word for this, put it to the test by arranging for a consultation.

Managed Print Services

Digicorp provides "best of breed" integrated print solutions. We can help you with all your business’s document needs.


Software Solutions

Our software solutions drive additional value in the form of business & process improvement through workflow efficiencies, reduced waste and associated costs.



We possess a set of skills, expertise & experience that combined, form a powerful value proposition that our clients recognise and is key to our growth.