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15 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Document Management System

All businesses have a Document Management System (DMS); however, it is probably made up of paper-based files, email network and local PC storage.

There is a better way! Digicorp can help you move towards an automated way of organising, capturing, managing, processing and storing business documents and data electronically.

Having the right Document Management System can provide a host of benefits:  


1) Reduce Costs – by managing documents properly costs can be significantly reduced. By automating processes and storing documents electronically you spend less on paper and consumables, storage facilities and administration costs.


2) Transparency – gain transparency over document workflows. Keep track of data life-cycles and understand how staff process company information every step of the way.


3) Collaboration – enable staff to work simultaneously from one document and collaborate efficiently on specific projects. Encouraging staff to work as teams across different departments can ensure information flows easily.


4) Productivity –Automated workflows notify the appropriate person when action is needed, and documents can easily be accessed by the appropriate member of staff.


5) Save time – storing documents electronically reduces the amount of time staff spend looking for information. OCR (Optical Character recognition) technology means staff can get to the information they require with ease using specific keywords and metatags to search.


6) Environmental impact – by moving your data to a document management system and promoting a ‘Paperless Office’ policy you reduce the amount of waste and improve green credentials.


7) Enhance Security – security is built in to our Document Management Systems. An audit trail is kept every time an action is taken.


8) Compliance – GDPR requires businesses to protect any data held on an individual. By encrypting your documents and controlling access to confidential information you are more compliant.


9) Integration – our document management solutions integrate with a host of accounting, ERP and CRM solutions.


10) Flexibility – allow employees to work flexibly by integrating document management solutions with mobile technology.


11) Scalability – scale your solution with your organisation's requirement. We work with a range of technology partners to create a bespoke blended solution.


12) Business continuity – Leveraging a Document Management solution can give you the peace of mind that all of your important documents are backed up. Should you need to access documents remotely via a mobile device, your documents are securely stored.


13) Accountability – By understanding how and by whom your documents have been processed you make your staff more accountable.


14) Technological advancement – Taking advantage of the latest technology enhances the user experience and increases your document capabilities. Staff can leverage advancements such as mobile or cloud print functionality, while the organisation benefits from the latest cost recovery and efficiency features.


15) Quality staff – attract better quality staff by being ‘ahead of the game’.


How we help…  


Does your company currently leverage Document Management Solutions to optimise your workflow and document operations? If not, then you may be missing out on some of these significant opportunities and benefits.  


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