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3 ways mobile working can help you relax over the Christmas period

Are you coming in over the Christmas period? Have you had to manage holidays more stringently to ensure you have just the right amount of skeleton staff in to deal with enquiries and requests? Or do you like to stay on top of emails during the holidays?   

For most industry’s (sorry retail & hospitality) Christmas is a quiet time of the year where for one week the usual office hustle and bustle is replaced by a minimal workforce who have begrudgingly dragged themselves into the office to find the rest of their team are still at home with their feet up. It all seems a little unfair. There is a better way – flexible working. 

Flexible working is all about facilitating staff to be able to work remotely by giving them secure access to the applications, documents and information they need.  


Even the biggest technophobes in your company are bound to have some form of smart device. Whether that’s a tablet, mobile or laptop, there is always a way to get online quickly and easily. Flexible working enables businesses to leverage these devices to enable staff to work from home (or anywhere) and remain productive. Perfect for the festive season.  


Here’s 3 reason why you should consider allowing employees to work flexibly over this Christmas period.


Better customer experience 

In a world that’s ‘always on’ there’s no escaping the possibility that customers will still be in need of your product/service or assistance over the festive seasons. Whilst they are unlikely to be expecting an immediate response, sometimes a quick update or an email acknowledgement may be all that it takes to suffice a customer requirement until you have the full resource to support.   


So long as employees have access to mobile solutions, they have the option of checking their emails and networking feeds at regular intervals throughout the day. Responding in a timely manner is likely to leave customers happy and reflect positively on your company brand.  


Another plus is that staff are able to manage their time better, working outside of traditional hours. Employees can use mobile solutions to customise their working week more effectively – potentially working on evenings and weekends without the need to travel into the office.  


No nasty surprises in the New Year  

Whilst some people like to switch off over Christmas others prefer to stay on top of things. Being able to work remotely solves the issue of making the office commute whilst giving workaholics the freedom to check emails and continue as normal.    


If you anxiously await the onslaught of hundreds of emails and backed up customer requests upon your return to the office, mobile working might be your answer.   


Happier staff  

An overwhelming number of studies, surveys and polls reveal that flexible working is king when it comes to workplace perks. Leaders who trust employees to work flexibly are more likely to be met with a happier, more engaged and productive workforce.   


If staff know they can work flexibly they will be more willing to offer up their time over Christmas instead of battling it out over limited holiday spaces. And with a well-rested team, you’re likely to get off to a successful start in 2019.  


How can we help  

While employers are looking for the best ways to enable an increasingly mobile workforce, it is still essential they ensure the protection of company data. And although businesses want mobile and personal devices to be secure, they still expect an end-user experience that won’t stifle productivity.   


Digicorp’s experts can work with you to implement a variety of mobile solutions that will enable employees to share, store, process and edit documents from any location with maximum security and ease of use.  


For more information email [email protected]    


Last but not least – have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

P.S Remember it’s important to switch off over the Christmas period. That means encouraging staff to turn off their smart phones and relax.