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Stop focusing on your technology strategy start talking about your business strategy

Digital transformation continues to be at the top of everyone's agenda. From your CEO to your Finance Director and from the CIO to the CMO, all are in agreement that investing in new technology will improve internal processes, make employees more productive and give a competitive advantage.


Should we ditch the technology strategy and start focusing on the business strategy. Having the latest technology means nothing if it serves no real purpose within your organisation.

According to a report carried out by Forrester in a poll of over 2000 global service decision makers involved in digital transformation, it largely fell in the remit of CIOs, CTOs and IT managers. With others being left out of the strategy all-together.   


Is it time to give other departments a voice and use real data insights to align business goals with technology investment. 


Remove data silos  

Many businesses struggle with siloed systems and siloed products. If your data is not automated, not held in a uniformed way, and doesn’t integrate with other systems, suddenly gathering and reporting on business outcomes becomes an impossible task with conflicting information.   


Understanding your data will inevitably help you make more informed decisions and drive the most effective transformation strategy. Every spreadsheet, document or transaction tells a story. This means looking at your business as a whole and ensuring that you are receiving the most up to date, relevant data from every department and then distributing that information to your employees in the most engaging way possible.  


Data analysis, information management and business intelligence are just some of the solutions Digicorp offer to help businesses make sense of their information. We believe that in order to drive true business change all of your staff from the top down must be engaged and willing to drive the organisation’s vision forward. 


Should marketing lead digital transformation?  

Your customers are the single most important reason for bringing about digital transformation.   


According to the report by Forrester, only 23% of CMOs are or will be responsible for leading the digital transformation strategy and of them, only 16% will be involved in the execution.  The role of the marketing team in any organisation should be to act as the voice of the customer and the conductor of the brand experience across the organisation. Without any marketing input, we risk investing in technologies that are solely beneficial for internal purposes but don’t enhance the customer experience.  


As digital transformation is only set to grow, we’re likely to see a distinct divide between successful companies that leverage marketing to influence their technology changes, thereby hitting or exceeding their customer expectations and those that take a more traditional IT-only approach to change.


Maximise your existing technology investments  

We’ve seen the importance of accurate data and the need to be customer-centric - both should be instilled into your sales culture.  All too often salespeople become so heavily involved in “winning the deal” that they ignore the need to follow processes through from start to finish. This ultimately has a knock on effect on your customers, data and wider operational processes.   


That’s not to say they are doing anything wrong, but perhaps they are not always making the most of the technology already available to them. For example, many organisations spend a small fortune on implementing the best CRM systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics). This should be the hub for all of your customer interactions, giving you the ability to market correctly and draw financial conclusions. If you have invested in the technology it is important that your people are using it effectively, that means entering data accurately, automating processes where possible and not working from separate systems or siloed spreadsheets.   


Sometimes solving the issue can be as simple as additional training to help maximise the systems you already have in place. By optimising your current CRM and including it within the overall business strategy you can make your technology (and your people) work harder.


How Digicorp can help  

We firmly believe that the only way to gain real advantage out of your technology investments is if you align them with your business goals. We collaborate with you, gaining input from all departments. We’ll look at your systems and processes to ensure you are gathering useful insights. We’ll then use the data and feedback to design, develop, optimise and implement effective information management systems and recommend the right technology solutions that will drive better customer interactions, improve employee productivity and lead to positive digital transformation.  


Talk to us about your business challenges and begin your journey at [email protected]