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The key features of a Document Management System

Organisations produce and handle hundreds of documents daily, whether in paper-based or electronic format. How they enter your organisation will vary, perhaps they are created using software applications (Word, Excel), generated via accounting systems (Sage), received electronically via email or delivered in paper format via post. All of these documents need to be processed, actioned and stored correctly. Some documents even carry legal weight and care must be taken to keep them secure. Document Management Systems (DMS) such as Therefore and Autostore (just a couple of the brands Digicorp partner with)  offer a whole host of benefits and features that are designed to automate workflows and maximise the efficiency of your document infrastructure.

Key Features of Document Management  


Storage - A variety of electronic documents (PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, emails, images and other file types) are collected in one system. These are then automatically indexed based on folder hierarchies, metadata and tags. Frequently under the control of the IT department or system administrator, the arrangement is more robust and secure.  


Workflow Automation - This feature allows documents to be managed via a shared dashboard. Users can manage workflows, track tasks and coordinate schedules. Workflows can be simple or complex.  


Data Capture - Our Document Management Systems integrate with Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) allowing paper-based documents to be scanned into the software. Once captured it can be pushed into an automated workflow or stored. DMS solutions also offer mobile capture, where an email or document on a mobile device can be transferred into the system.  


Metadata - All documents that enter the system are given a description. This description (metatag) might be the type of file, the author of the document, the time and date it was created and other information. This is likely to make up the folders into which documents are grouped.  


Indexing - As documents enter the software they are tagged with a unique search term. This helps the user find a specific document. For example, if the user is processing a supplier invoice, they may tag it with the invoice number so that it can be found easily later.  


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - This feature enables users to search for a document based on any word which may appear within it. This eliminates the need to spend too much time indexing.  


Security Features - Digicorp Document Management Systems have built-in security features including user access authentication, password encryption, audit reports and activity notifications.  


Version Control - This feature ensures everyone is on the same page when working from a shared document. It uses a master copy and references previous versions of the document. If a user edits or comments on the document the copy will be dated and time-stamped.    


How can we help?  


As an independent solutions provider, we partner with a variety of manufacturers and software suppliers, meaning we can blend solutions to create the perfect fit for your business environment.  


For help finding the right Document Management System for your business contact us at [email protected] or call 020 3929 3003.