Software Solutions

Enhancing the value of your print infrastructure

The value of a business's print/copy/scan capability can be significantly enhanced by adopting software solutions.


A brief description of the main solutions follow:

Software solutions archive

Archiving, Storage & Retrieval

In its simplest form, an electronic version of your filing system is created into which scanned documents can be filed. Where you need to search for documents, OCR technology can be used to allow key word searching of documents.

Accessibility is a key benefit – electronic storage enables quicker and easier access than paper systems to both current and historic documents that would otherwise have been relatively inaccessible being archived offsite. A significant benefit is that the information stored in your documents can be accessed simultaneously by multiple staff, whether on-site, offsite in different offices, or when travelling. Costs associated with paper systems, such as allocating expensive office space to cabinets and offsite storage and archival, are reduced or removed altogether.  Electronic systems are easier to set up and manage, thereby reducing associated staff costs.

Software solutions security


Documents containing sensitive information, such as client, personnel, business strategic or regulatory documents, are protected with the introduction of a security solution that prevents documents being printed until the document owner selects the job at the device for printing.


Software solutions doc workflow

Print Management

This software solution has multiple benefits, including the security referred to above. Rather than print jobs being printed straight away, they are held in a print queue pending access and release by the document owner via either a proximity card reader or a code. This reduces waste, specifically the cost of printing unwanted/multiple documents. It also means that print jobs can be accessed at any networked printer thereby avoiding delays if a printer is busy or broken.

Software solutions productivity

Cost recovery

This software enables copying and printing to be tracked – for example, by the user, department or office for management information purposes, or by the client for billing purposes.

Rules can be set up automatically to manage certain pre-defined print jobs so that they are printed in duplex (thereby saving paper), black & white rather than colour (thereby saving money), and routed to devices where the cost per copy is less, (thereby reducing per page print costs).

Software solutions device management

Device management

Device meters can be read remotely thereby avoiding the need for estimated billing.


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